A heartfelt hello to all!

My story

My name is Monica Borg Debrincat.  I'm a 1983 Ozzy-born but Gozitan-raised soul who has been interested in the cultivation of the self since as long as she can remember.  My journey in life has thankfully led me along many twists and turns that I've often thought would lead me nowhere but which have provided me with the most insightful experiences.  I've come into direct contact with mindfulness and meditation at 25 years of age when a difficult period in my life (as always!) forced me to see life from a different perspective.  I started meditating on and off until I came to a conscious decision to fully incorporate mindfulness in every aspect of my life...with pleasant results all over as attested by those in my most intimate circle.

I am a being who thrives in solitude and silence, both internal and external.  Hence why meditation makes much sense to me especially in today's world.  Meditation encourages me to find that stillness in a world much discordant with my sensitivities.  I firmly believe it re-instills the humane touch in humanity which I fear is in danger of losing its soul and becoming just another add-on to a modern, ultra-technological, and virtual life.

I am ME first of all, with all my loveable and unloveable traits, but I am also a daughter to most loving and much loved parents, a sibling to two sisters I'm very proud of, and the soulmate of a unique free spirit. 

I have graduated as a teacher of Italian and Personal and Social Development from the University of Malta where I also proceeded to read for a Masters in Applied Language Studies.  I am currently a full-time teacher of Italian as a Foreign Language at Sir M. A. Refalo Sixth Form in Victoria, Gozo (MALTA), and am much grateful to my students from whom I learn a lot while attempting to formally teach them Italian and informally share with them precious life lessons and crucial values. 


I am also a passionate life-long student, trying my hand at whatever grabs my interest from alternative medicine to gardening.  I am a health fanatic and a mental health promoter.  I always say I was born with a book in my hands and when I'm not doing anything else, I'm always with my head in books, my lifetime teachers.

Along the years I've had the fortune to have partook of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, been administered Reiki, and practised yoga.  Additionally I have trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) under the marvellous guidance of Helena Fone (trainer at EFT and Mindfulness Centre, www.eftandmindfulness.com).  In fact, I am certified as an EFT Intermediate Level practitioner (however, self-practising only).  I have also followed the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 6-week practitioner course, again with Helena Fone as my teacher, and then proceeded to become an accredited Trainer of MBCT for Adults under Helena's same tutelage.  I have further trained under Helena Fone as a Mindfulness in Education trainer which enables me to teach Mindfulness to Primary and Seconday students.  I am wholly dedicated to pursuing this endless journey of my self.

I am proud to state that I am the first Mindfulness Trainer in Gozo to have introduced Mindfulness courses free of charge to the adult public as well as to post-compulsory 16+ years students attending Sir M. A. Refalo Sixth Form.  Thanks to the support of Mr Cassar, Head of the Sixth Form Institute where I teach, the Mindfulness courses offered are awarded with 1ECTS at MQF Level 3 Non-Formal by the Malta Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education.  I am also involved in delivering Mindfulness sessions to Primary schools in the Gozo College as a reach-out programme of Sir M. A. Refalo Sixth Form.

My mission

My intention in creating A(t)tune to life: Mindfulness-Based Discipline (©Monica Borg Debrincat) is to humbly share with the world those practices that have enhanced my well-being, in the hope that I can give back of my own.  I would like to act as another link in the chain of giving.  I've long been the recipient of much giving by generous souls to whom I am eternally grateful.  Now it is my turn to contribute to the world.

I wish all of you an open heart to receive what life has to offer you.  May you tread life with light, mindful steps...just like a butterfly on a flower, radiant in its beauty.



© 2018 Monica Borg Debrincat


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