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The information contained in this website is intended solely for creating and cultivating awareness about mindfulness and meditation and for sharing and divulging knowledge about these practices.  The nature of this website is purely educational and informational and under no circumstances should this website be construed to serve as a substitute for medical or therapeutic consultation, diagnosis and/or treatment given by a qualified physician or healthcare provider.
While the owner of this website endeavours to provide accurate and up-to-date information, which information is subject to change without notice, the owner does not own or represent this information and takes no responsibility for it and for any implicit or explicit inaccuracies, mistakes, falsehoods, incompleteness or misrepresentation inadvertently or purposefully made.  You are encouraged to confirm any information obtained from or through this website with other sources and with your physician or therapist.  You are ultimately responsible for the use you make of the information found or accessed through this website.  Any use you make of this website is strictly at your own risk.
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While every effort is being made to maintain this website up-to-date and operative, this is a one-woman job carried out in the owner’s spare time for the purely idealistic intention of creating a better personal world for each and every one by providing various techniques to positively transform one’s personal inner plane of existence.  So please be patient if some time is required to upload or modify information.  Other than that, the owner is not responsible for the website being temporarily unavailable due to reasons outside the owner’s control.
No personal gains whatsoever are being made of this website.  That is also why no personal photos of the owner are published.  The owner takes second place to the main objective behind this website: that of making mindfulness and meditation accessible to all because the owner truly believes in their many personal and social benefits on many levels.  


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This privacy policy is applicable to this website only and is void once you use the links indicated in this website which take you to other websites.  Make sure you read the privacy policy of these websites before sharing any information on such sites.


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The owner may modify the above policies and permissions from time to time so please make sure you check this page and that you are satisfied with all it states before using this website.  All the above information is effective as from Thursday 22nd February 2018.


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