What participants are saying

1.  What would you give the mindfulness course from 1 (very dull) to 10 (excellent) in terms of being enjoyable and interesting?


- 10

- 10

- 8

- 10


2.  On a scale of 1 (very little) to 10 (a great deal), how much do you think you have learned during the course?

- 10


- 7


3.  What has changed you as a result of this course?

- I am living more mindfully.  I am kinder to myself.

- I am more aware of my thoughts and emotions.

- I feel that I started being more mindful in daily activities.

- I started to appreciate more moments in my life.

- More patient.

- Thinking before acting.

- Live in the present moment.

- I'm calmer in everyday situations like traffic or people acting aggressive/impolite.

- I noticed I am able to understand my family better, why they did certain things (or why they do them).

- I noticed I'm able to help my clients even more, since now I also have more background knowledge about the brain/reactions/etc.

4.  Do you think you will be using the mindfulness techniques learnt in the course in your daily life?


- I will use them very often, daily.

- I think I'll use them quite often.

- I might use them now and again.

- I think I'll use them quite often.

5.  What did you like most about the course?


- Very informative, it definitely met all of my learning styles.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

- Not boring - different techniques: videos / meditation / information.

- Trainer made me feel at ease and always ready to listen and answer to your feelings and questions.

- Always learning something new.

- Interesting sessions.

- Friendly atmosphere.

- It's not spiritual (only) but also includes many scientific facts.

- It's 2 hours per week...easy to fit in.

- It's self-study as well.

6.  What could be improved upon?

- Nothing!

- More personal experiences from people who have practised meditation.

- It's good as it is :)

- Maybe print out the sheets for the students.

- Maybe offer the sessions in videos as well (for self-study & re-checking after a while).

7.  Would you recommend this course to others? 


- Yes.

- Yes.

- Yes.

- Yes.

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