Annual conference

Mental Health Association GOZO (MHAG)

Friday 25 October 2019

Ministry for Gozo Hall

Intervention about Mindfulness for Adults at the Workplace

by Mindfulness Trainer

Monica Borg Debrincat


MHAG 2019 Annual Conference Advert

MHAG 2019Annual Conference Programme

Monica Borg Debrincat as one of the speakers

at the MHAG 2019 Annual Conference

Video album of MHAG 2019 Annual Conference

Below is a Facebook post (28 October 2019) by Minister for Gozo, Justyne Caruana, about the 2019 Annual Conference of the Mental Health Association Gozo entitled "Mental Health at the Workplace" held on Friday 25 October 2019.  Worthy of mention as one of the aims of the Ministry for Gozo in cultivating a workplace ethic favouring the mental health of public employees are the Mindfulness Stress Management courses which Monica Borg Debrincat, as a Mindfulness Trainer, is delivering at Sir Michelangelo Refalo Sixth Form (Victoria, Gozo) under the patronage of the Ministry for Gozo.


Facebook Friends of the Gozo Sixth Form - Sir MA Refalo Sixth Form's Alumni Society

12 February 2020 at 10:17


First Award Ceremony of the course "Non-Formal Award in Mindfulness: Coping Under Pressure & Improving Quality of Life (MQF 3)":

"Congratulations to the first graduates of the course Non-Formal Award in Mindfulness: Coping Under Pressure & Improving Quality of Life (MQF 3). The course, first of its kind in Gozo and provided by Sir M. A. Refalo Sixth Form in collaboration with the UK EFT & Mindfulness Centre, teaches students techniques to manage anxiety and stress both in a psychological and physical manner so as to prevent or manage more serious symptoms that can lead to depression or panic attacks amongst others. The first course delivered from October to December 2019 and taught by an accredited and certified Mindfulness Teacher/Trainer, Ms Monica Borg Debrincat, has seen its first 4 pioneering students being awarded for their efforts: Simone Cini, Jason Grech, Joanna Pisani, Irene Vella. The certificate of a value of 1ECTS (MQF Level 3 Non-Formal) is being awarded by the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE). Good luck in applying what you have learnt into your daily life."


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